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  1. kawaii89 Nov 14, 2012

    Hello minna..
    Hajimemashite... (>_<)
    Im so glad join this group! My FAV anime ever. Love them all.

  2. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  3. cagakiraasu Jul 07, 2011

    Vote for AthrunxCagalli: To all AthrunxCagalli fans, come together and vote for AthrunxCagalli on this official Gundam website! :heart:

    When you visit this website---> , you'd see a question on the left side of the page under 'VOTING'! To vote for AthrunxCagalli (????????in Japanese), click on the little circle in front of the 7th name...& you can vote for them once per day! :heart:

    Here's the question: Jul 7 is Qixi, to you who are the most representative couple that signify love that got separated but reunite? ;) :heart:


    Oh and you can also join the new AsuCaga fanclub on DA (deviantart)---> if you have an account there! :)

  4. gsdcmsy Mar 21, 2011

    I have watched several animes.Every anime has its own charm and story behind it's characters.Gundam Seed is a class of its own.

  5. sakurarose19 Apr 09, 2010

    Amazing a group for the two most loved couples XD, AWESOOOME

  6. frote Mar 20, 2010


  7. ennostiel Feb 20, 2010

    how are you?
    It's a long time ^^

  8. thingperson Dec 02, 2009

    Hey there everyone I wanted to welcome our new members and say thank you for joining the group and I hope you like it here..*smiles*.

    Also I wanted to say sorry about the layout im working on a new one with new images and banners and when I figure out a new code for the group layout ill change the colors and stuff, thanks so much for everyones patience..*smiles*.

    Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day and have fun..*hugs*.

  9. DarknessEmperor1337 Jul 03, 2009


  10. JuliaMotoko May 19, 2009

    Hello! :)

    I wanted to say that it was good to be here!

  11. ennostiel Mar 06, 2009

    it's a long time. i came back on MT ;-)
    sorry for my long absence, but bussy with my work :s
    kiss you

    merged: 03-24-2009 ~ 09:24am
    Ok if you can read french, I updated one of my asuca's fic. it's a UA ;-)


    merged: 04-05-2009 ~ 08:55pm
    i made a little AMV on Cagalli with many fanart I found on the net
    song: Precious Rose


  12. cherryblossomhikari Sep 14, 2008

    hi evryone i'm a the new member of this club and i think it's awesome

  13. Dumang31 Jul 24, 2008

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  14. shurei-KO7890 Feb 09, 2008

    hi..everyone......nice group

  15. ennostiel Jan 17, 2008

    ok It's a long time -_-" Hello everyone. How are you?

  16. kalos Dec 18, 2007


  17. ennostiel Oct 21, 2007

    @ moonescape ; cute picture ^^ liek it

    merged: 11-10-2007 ~ 06:34pm
    weel: re posted fic when you love someone it

  18. ShadowDreamer16 Oct 16, 2007

    I just re-watched GSEED Destiny, and now remember just why I loved these characters so much. :)

  19. moonescape Oct 07, 2007

    My Newest Vector: Peace From Different Sides

  20. ChunkySkillz Oct 04, 2007

    Oh My God. This Group is totally dead. No more discussions.
    Maybe it's "partly" my fault.....
    seems like the forum is used for promoting the member's wallies now huh.
    I've already added 20 new members. I've been away for about a year.

    All I gotta say is i'm considering of shifting towards Gundam 00 the latest series of Sunrise's long-running Gundam franchise. It will premiere on October 6, 2007. That is today.
    Please give feedbacks on this idea.

  21. ennostiel Sep 19, 2007

    @ moonescape : verry cute ^^

    merged: 09-29-2007 ~ 01:16am
    i propose you my new montage ^^ I can't post them it *cry* well, I made the waterwork and just the montage....

    merged: 09-29-2007 ~ 11:32pm
    ok i upload this in scan on my user page: yuri club 3 by ennostiel

  22. moonescape Sep 17, 2007

    My Newest Vector: Eternal Love V.2

  23. ennostiel Sep 09, 2007

    @ andou-mahoro : cute

  24. andou-mahoro Sep 08, 2007

    =3 newest Vectors

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